Zeitz Garden

A cool, tranquil Hills' garden filled with foliage and flowers – very inviting on a hot day


January 2024

To visit Jenny and Ted Zeitz' densely planted Adelaide Hills' garden on a summer’s day is to walk into an oasis of cool green and an abundance of flowers. Tall trees planted 44 years ago give shade to beds where windflowers mingle with hydrangeas, tree ferns, fuchsias, gardenias and bromeliads. However, it is the hydrangeas that are the show stoppers - they are spectacular!

The property slopes downwards and from the outdoor dining area behind the house, there are lovely views through the leafy tree tops and out over the lush green garden dotted with the soft pinks and blues of the hydrangeas.

Winding paths weave through the foliage and the big old tree trunks to where a spring-fed creek is crossed by several small bridges. Everywhere, huge hydrangea bushes are smothered with flowers, creating an unforgettable display among an assortment of shade loving plants that flourish in the cool, protected micro-climate and dappled light that filters through the lofty trees.

The garden has something to offer in all seasons - in winter and early spring, azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and bulbs maintain the show of colour and the many deciduous trees put on a beautiful display in autumn.Fruit trees are planted wherever there is a sunny spot and there is small vegetable garden. The swimming pool is surrounded by palms which shade the sparkling water and there is a tennis half-court.

Size: 0.75 acres

Garden Notes

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