Know Before You Go

Plan your visit with ease and respect by familiarising yourself with our visitor information and garden etiquette.

Each listing has details about the style and content of the garden, plus icons to show what is available and what is not. Please check these before you visit.

Information for Garden Visitors

To retain the goodwill of owners who open their gardens to the public, OGSA asks visitors to observe the following courtesies:

Open Days
Gardens are only open on the dates specified on this website.
Fire Cancellation
Garden openings will be cancelled in fire-rating districts on days that are declared “Catastrophic.
Owner Privacy
As you will be visiting a private property, please do not enter the house unless invited. On the rare occasions when the home and garden are open to visitors, these details are given in the garden entries.
No Cuttings
Please do not remove any part of a plant. To identify a plant, take the person to the plant, not the plant to the person.
Respect the Garden
Keep to paths to avoid trampling on plants. Take away anything you bring with you, and do not litter.
Please keep noise to a minimum.
Only make positive comments. Remember, the owner has volunteered to let you look around; please appreciate the garden even if it’s not to your taste.
You are responsible for supervising children. Make sure that their behaviour does not disturb the experience for other visitors.
Dogs are not allowed in gardens except Guide dogs. If there is a “dogs on leash permitted” icon, your dog must always be on a leash and under your control.
Please park your car so others can enter and leave the parking area without inconvenience. Do not park where your vehicle will damage the garden or its surroundings. Follow the road rules and any parking restrictions, especially on narrow roads.
If you take pictures, they cannot be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the garden owner

Entry Fees

OGSA is a not-for-profit association that receives half of the entry fee to cover organisational costs. Garden owners keep half, and most donate all or part of the entry fee to their chosen charity.





On presentation of a Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card, Horticultural Tertiary student concession card for TAFE students, or OGSA Membership card (but not a Senior Card).