Wilkinson Garden

A real ‘gardeners’ garden’ jampacked with an extensive range of well grown ornamental and productive plants


September 2023

Located in the developing suburb of Whyalla Jenkins, the Wilkinsons’ garden was first established eight years ago around what was then their newly-built home on a bare block of land. Starting from scratch meant the garden could be carefully planned to include features that are the envy of most keen gardeners.

The front garden is rock-mulched and planted with easily maintained thuja and golden diosma. However, it is the back garden that is a gardeners’ wonderland! A fire pit and pergola are centrally placed features, there is a tiny raised pond containing aquatic plants and a number of garden ornaments. Around a well-kept lawn are wicking beds filled with lush vegetables and there is a poly house to one side.

Wide garden beds along the fence lines are filled with diverse mixed plantings of both natives and exotics – salvias, bulbs, perennials, succulents, eremophilas, and a number of climate compatible plants provide year-round colour and interest. There are many succulents with a variety of leaf shapes and foliage colours ranging from red to purple, green, gold and silver -  some in the ground and others well displayed in pots.

Along the fence at the rear of the garden is a long shade cloth covered tunnel house, a pleasant feature in the hot climate and a refuge for the more tender plants including a number of orchids.  citrus, stone fruits and passionfruit provide abundant fruit.

Size: 1000 sqm

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes. We suggest you also print them out and bring them to the garden.

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