Turlatina Warra

An eclectic, eco-friendly garden crammed with a rich assortment of plants


January 2024

With a shared love of gardening and plenty of enthusiasm, Kinda and Stuart have created an eclectic, eco-friendly garden crammed with a rich assortment of plants.

The front yard has a tropical ambiance with a variety of palm trees alongside lush philodendrons, citrus trees, and flourishing banana plants. A bamboo wall divides the front courtyard and a serene Buddha statue provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful meditation retreat.

Kinda’s extensive collection of indoor pot plants has spilled from the house to an outdoor area where she propagates many different foliage plants, orchids, ferns and succulents. As well as in pots, they grow in the ground and in hanging baskets creating lush green layers peppered with splashes of colourful foliage and flowers.

The ponds and the rocky watercourse that trickles through the back garden are Stuart’s vision and as well as being an attractive highlight, also provide habitat for fish, frogs and insects. Bamboo, palms and large leafed plants create a sub-tropical feel but as well there are plenty of flowering species to attract butterflies and pollinating insects. Several bright red structures include a small bridge over the stream, a Japanese style Torii gate, and a Bali style hut and seat add a colorful, exotic flavor.

Raised beds are planted with vegetables and there are a number of fruit trees including some unusual varieties. The lower section of the sloping block has been terraced and on the tiers are more productive plants, compost bins and a green house.

A long verandah overlooks the garden and provides a glimpse of the nearby sea - a lovely spot to enjoy a cuppa and Kinda’s home-cooked Syrian delicacies.

Size: 1200 sql

Garden Notes

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