Tickle Tank

A happy, magical place, jam packed with creativity


October 2023

Tickle Tank, the charming and unique home of talented sculptor and artist Irene Pearce has delighted and inspired thousands of visitors over the years. Once the storage tank for the water supply to the surrounding town, Irene bought the property in 1998, and with great vision added several smaller tanks, transforming them into a quirky and comfortable home. Over time she has decorated both inside and outside with intricate mosaics and creative artwork made mostly from recycled objects.

The bright colourful garden is wrapped closely around the tanks and although tiny, is crammed with clever ideas, surprises and whimsy.  A pretty pink rose clambers over the arbour at the entrance and cottage perennials, self-seeding annuals, Australian native plants and succulents, many planted in vibrant innovative containers, fill every available space.

The site slopes so there are steps, winding paths and retaining walls often inset with mosaic and adapted to double as seats. The driveway and much of the exterior of the home have also been decorated - one wall is draped with a permanently flowering white mosaic wisteria, there are many flowers, magpies, teapots and much more!

A curving sculpture of a dragon forms another enchanting seat, and dotted everywhere are pots, statues, vividly tiled birdbaths, artwork and ‘found treasure’ all adding extra colour and interest. Irene’s ingenuity knows no bounds with both the materials and the imaginative way she uses them, and each year she adds new pieces to her joyful garden.

Size: 450 sqm

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