The Running House Garden

A stylish and beautifully serene, green garden


October 2023

Hidden away behind an old stone wall, a high hedge and the dense canopies of established trees, this lovely, leafy garden is both secluded and peaceful, the perfect setting for the elegant 1880s villa. The clever planting along the front boundary creates a sense of an oasis within suburban Adelaide.

A major renovation to the beautiful old home restored the original features and linked a modern extension. Garden designer Virginia Kennett provided suggestions for the design of the newly created areas and added fresh touches to the existing garden.

While retaining the original gate on Glynburn Road and the traditional stone entrance path to the front door, a new side entrance was added. A shaded pathway from the new gate leads to the spacious lawn and deep, lushly planted garden beds with hedges and clipped plants complementing and contrasting with the exuberant planting.

The property has distinct garden ‘rooms’, some classic in style with lovely old roses and perennials, others more contemporary. This is a family garden and there are several spaces for entertaining, a pool area, productive planting, a chicken coop and play areas for children which include an ingenious slide through a hedge to a concealed sports/play area and a delightful swing in the front garden.

A small sheltered courtyard area, with stepping stones edged with native violets and frondy arthropodium, is overhung with the delicate foliage of acers making a lovely leafy outlook from within the house. Several pieces of the owners’ large-scale sculpture are displayed in what was formerly a driveway.

Size: 1500 sqm

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes. We suggest you also print them out and bring them to the garden.

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