St Mary's Vineyard

The delightful country garden at St Mary’s Vineyard with its hundreds of roses and many dry-stone walls is a fitting location for the annual Limestone Coast Plant and Trade Fair


October 2023

Established in 1937, the Mulligan family have created an impressive property, with the garden taking centre stage. Over the years plants and bulbs suitable for the soil and climate have been planted and now hundreds of roses, bulbs, iris, hardy perennials, trees and shrubs surround the classic homestead and outbuildings, adding colour and texture throughout the year. However, in this garden it is the rose that is queen!

The owners have used sandstone rock and plate from a quarry on the property as if it were nature’s Lego, skillfully and painstakingly constructing many metres of drystone walling, pathways, ornaments, ramps, plinths, platforms and in the front paddock, an outstanding trilogy of tree rings.

A passion for fresh seasonal produce has led to the creation of a substantial kitchen garden in what was once a sheep yard. Using permaculture principles, a range of fruit and vegetables are grown both in raised beds and in the ground, with arches for apples and tomatoes making decorative as well as functional features. A shade house is used for growing seedlings and propagating plants.

St Mary’s Vineyard will make an ideal setting for the 2023 Limestone Coast Plant and Trade Fair. A diverse range of talented artists, trades and specialist growers will exhibit everything from bulbs to trees, natives to exotics, garden arts, trades, food stalls, wine tasting, refreshment and children’s activity area.

Size: 5 acres