Marybank Estate

Marybank Farm sits on the hills face with views through massive old red gums to Adelaide


September 2023

Both the picturesque Georgian style house built in 1842 and the very old garden are historic and heritage listed.

A large lawn and traditional garden beds surround the house with meandering informal walks leading through another five acres. A long straight path planted on one side with roses and perennials leads to the vineyard and from a seat at the end, there are stunning views back to the house with the imposing form of Black Hill in the background.

The outer parts of the garden are interesting to walk through, relaxed and rambling and almost unchanged since the 1800s. Hardy species have naturalised and survive and thrive with little or no supplementary water.

There are a number of very old trees; a Port Jackson fig, also several Picconia excelsa, an attractive and very rare tree related to the olive and now endangered in its homeland, the Canary Islands.

The property, although reduced in size, still operates as a working farm. There is also a vineyard and wine is made on the premises.  A small green house and raised garden beds are used for raising seeds and growing a variety of summer flowering annuals for cutting.

Throughout the garden there are links with the past but particularly interesting are a pair of old slate troughs used for water storage in the early days when the garden was watered from a spring on the property.

Size: 6 acres

Garden Notes

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