Lucy's Garden

A stylish and sustainable garden, imaginatively designed for easy care and a relaxing lifestyle.


March 2023

The sustainable strawbale house required a functional and attractive back garden in touch with its eco-friendly principles. Professional landscapers, Dowie Designs were consulted and asked to create a garden with water wise plants, including some edibles and using natural materials that were either recycled and locally available.

Using stone from the nearby Willunga quarry, retaining walls were constructed to form level areas on the slightly sloping block. The contemporary styled entertainment/sitting area was paved with recycled red brick laid in an effective herringbone pattern, with large rectangular slabs of mellow-toned Willunga slate creatively used as a border.  Paths of recycled brick or compacted rock fines meander around linking the different areas and leading to the fire bowl and its convenient semi-circular sandstone seat.

Plants needed to contend with salty winds, and a mix of Australian and Mediterranean species were used. With the soft silvers and sage green foliage of plants from these regions, the garden is a restful mix of greens made all the more interesting with many contrasting textures – from the dense rosettes of agaves to frondy grasses and the filmy foliage of sheoaks.

Productive plants were chosen for their suitability as well as their aesthetic qualities and include fig, lime and avocado, with prostrate rosemary and herbs used as ground cover plants. A row of olives grows in front of the smart timber slat and recycled railway sleeper screen that provides a wind break, as well as concealing sheds, water tanks and the service area.

The front garden has recently been redesigned to become an easily maintained area dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables.

Size: 500 sql

Garden Notes

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