Littlewood Farm

A spectacular sea of blue, purple and white created by countless thousands of agapanthus


January 2024

In summertime, the hillside at Littlewood Agapanthus Farm is a spectacular sea of blue, purple and white as countless thousands of agapanthus create an unforgettable show of flower power.

If you thought the colour range of this tough plant was limited to the commonly seen light blue or white, prepare to be amazed with more than 20 different agapanthus providing variations in not only flower colour but also in size, foliage and how profusely they bloom.

Plants range from dainty miniatures to dwarf, standards and then the giants with huge flower heads held high on tall, slender stems. The colours range from dark inky shades, through to baby blue, snowy white and a pretty, semi-dwarf variety has petals tinged with a hint of pink. Regarded as the star of the show is Guilfoyle, a large prolific bloomer with tidy foliage and deep midnight blue heads of flower on black stems that last for up to eight weeks.

Sweeping lawns surround huge island beds mass planted with the different varieties, and from the pavilion and vantage point at the top of the slope, the view of over 100,000 plants in flower is breathtaking - and very much loved by the birds and bees! Mature trees are dotted throughout the property, topiary ‘lollipops’ make a bold statement and with the ornamental lake and its decorative wooden bridge, there is plenty to see.

Visitors can learn of the attributes and characteristics of the different varieties from Tracey, the nursery owner and agapanthus expert, who will ‘walk and talk’ around the property each day. Or simply wander through the garden, enjoy refreshments including pizza in the pavilion while looking down onto the fabulous living tapestry of foliage and flowers.

Size: 4 acres

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