Joe's Connected Garden

Five gardens from a group of nearby properties where like-minded residents band together to share friendship and expertise.


February 2024

This is the 12th consecutive year that Joe’s Connected Garden has welcomed Open Gardens visitors and demonstrated the many benefits and community spirit that come from opening neighbouring gates and sharing resources, knowledge and gardens.

The garden is in fact five gardens from a group of 15 nearby properties where like-minded residents have banded together to share friendship and expertise as well as their land. By working together and thoughtfully managing the microclimate and enriching the soil, they have been able to grow around 750 different productive plants including a vast range of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, berries, nuts, medicinal plants, edible weeds and fruiting cacti. The collection includes over 350 figs, seven types of mangos and to name just a few, such rarities as a peanut tree, a peanut butter tree, Japanese raisin tree, Brazil cherry and a tropical cherry, a devil’s claw, dragon fruit and several varieties of coffee plants. As well, there are the more usual citrus and stone fruit trees.

Entry is through Joe’s garden where he has amassed an extensive collection of sub-tropical fruiting plants including many seldom seen in SA. Next door, John keeps quails and shows just how easy it is to grow vegetables in recycled broccoli boxes. Rosanne’s garden has raised beds of berries, stone fruits, citrus, figs and grapes, and Seaton’s garden is planted with more unusual fruit trees. Across the road in the fifth property are veggies and trees including a hedged maze of over 30 trees and also figs cleverly planted in two concentric circles, a trick that maximises planting in a limited space.

The gardens are productive and experimental rather than ornamental and they demonstrate permaculture principles and organic practices. Uncommon new food crops are tried and ways to provide each plant with the best possible conditions for it to thrive and fruit are demonstrated. Re-use of materials is a priority and signage is used throughout to identify plants and to explain cultivation techniques. Families of chooks and ducks assist with pest management!

Joe’s Connected Garden offers a learning experience in productive gardening and visitors come back year after year for an opportunity to gain ideas, hear the informative talks, see the ongoing changes and purchase hard-to-come-by plants.

It is a place where ‘community’ as well as food, are nurtured.

Throughout the weekend there will be displays, talks and demonstrations on all aspects of productive gardening as well as plant sales, gate prizes and a yellow brick road activity for children. Members of the Rare Fruit Society and experienced expert gardeners will be on hand to answer questions. Hot and cold food, including vegan options and drinks will be available and there are toilets if you want to make a day of it!

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes. We suggest you also print them out and bring them to the garden.

Download Garden Notes