Jane's Cottage Garden

A gardeners' garden packed with salvias, veggies, fruit trees and a touch of whimsy


November 2023

Jane’s Cottage Garden surrounds a quintessential 1920s bungalow, purchased by Jane and her husband Geoff in the 1970s. The garden has evolved over the years from family cricket green, to the personal refuge it is today for Jane and local wildlife.

The front has formal cottage vibes, but as you move through to the backyard, the productive garden becomes more evident.

Jane describes her garden as “a gardener's garden” and it is evident that, through keen observation, trial and error and allowing nature to choose its own way, Jane has built a successful ecosystem.

Challenges such as heavy shade, root competition, water conservation, pests and weeds have been sustainably addressed.

Jane is somewhat of a collector and her garden holds a large number of salvias, fruit trees, rare plants and those salvaged from others. The garden packs in over 400 varieties (some as old as the house) with pots, up pruning and layering being employed in unique ways to ensure there is always room for one more plant!

You’ll also find whimsy within the garden, with a quick visit to the incredulously named Hanging Tree.

Size: 890 sql

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes. We suggest you also print them out and bring them to the garden.

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