A joyous, cheerful garden in which to celebrate the arrival of spring


September 2023

After opening for 23 years and often twice in a year, Avondale will share the arrival of spring and the garden’s beautiful spectacle of bulbs in flower for the last time.

First opened in 1997 by the current owner’s mother, Avondale has been enjoyed by visitors for 30 openings, and over the years has raised much appreciated funds for charity.

Sincere thanks to Heather for this remarkable achievement, for her long association with Open Gardens and commitment to sharing her garden so many times.

Avondale is a relaxed, informal country garden where each spring, thousands upon thousands of beautiful bulbs in a myriad different shades burst into flower adding a pops of living colour to the surrounding green hills.

The bulbs were first planted decades ago by the mother of the current owner and have been encouraged to multiply and naturalise over the years. Requiring no summer water and perfectly suited to the local climatic conditions they have thrived and now each spring their foliage and flowers fill the garden and spill further down the hillside.

The approach to the house is bordered with a sea of deep blue Roman hyacinths contrasting with the soft creams of tazettas, jonquils and vibrant yellow daffodils.  Bluebells, grape hyacinths and triteleia in a palette of different blues blend with pastel, perfumed freesias, snowflakes and colourful anemones, with delicate tulips, potted orchids and rockery plants adding yet more colour. Tiny cyclamen in shades of white through to wine enliven the ground beneath flowering shrubs and trees, including several Manchurian pears and a pale pink prunus.

Silver birches not yet in leaf create a woodland feel and slate and grassy paths lead to several rocky pools linked with little waterfalls - the largest pond is home to goldfish. Rustic seats crafted from logs and slate are placed to enjoy views of the garden, the drifts of flowering bulbs on the hillside below and the rural landscape beyond.

Size: 2 acres

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes. We suggest you also print them out and bring them to the garden.

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