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Trevor Nottle has reviewed Avondale prior to its second opening from Sat 30th Sept until Mon 2nd Oct. Please go to "Current Season" above to view garden details and take the chance to visit this lovely garden at Rhynie.


From Trevor Nottle

Just because our garden wisdom tell us gardens in winter are asleep or resting doesn’t mean that we should accept that idea as set in cement.

Helleboreweb1 We are pleased to present the first of Trevor Nottle's garden blogs for 2017

Winter is such an easy time of year in which to enjoy plants and flowers. Despite the doom and gloom written about at length by traditionally

BegoniaswebFrom Trevor Nottle

Moving from a big garden to the pocket-handkerchief sized plots attached to retirement villas and home-units calls for a re-think about what flowering plants can be included in the garden.

From Trevor Nottle

Winter has the reputation of being a pretty dull month flower-wise in gardens but it need not be if careful consideration is given to choosing early spring bulbs of the smaller kinds that can easily find a home in a collection of pots. Potted as early as possible – so order early is the guiding rule – most small bulbs will flower earlier in pots than if grown in the ground. Good candidates for such treatment are the dwarf and miniature narcissus (daffodils), scillas, species tulips, crocus,

From Trevor Nottle

Where do cottage gardens come from? And who was this rather severe looking woman? Cottage gardens come from the land of dreams that’s where. Dreams that were fostered by a very highly coloured view of cottage garden life that was promoted by the well-off and well fed members of the 19thC Arts & Crafts Movement in Merrie Olde Englande.

 Without exploring the cottagers lifestyle as a tenant dependent on his lords whim