Nicholls Lane, Inglewood

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Date & Times
Sat Oct 10 - Sun Oct 11 | 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

25 Nicholls Road, Inglewood

Description: Nicholls Lane is a pretty spring garden filled with blossom and bulbs but as well there is a large and impressive productive garden with an orchard of fruit and nut trees.

Garden beds and banks of shrubs, roses, iris, perennials, grasses and Australian plants surround the house and disguise the steep slope of the site.  A long path bordered with flowering Bradford pears and grasses leads from the house through a small herb garden to a well-positioned seat. Ornamental trees have been carefully selected for their flowers as well as autumn colour. Ceanothus has been planted in several spots and also used for hedging – flowering in spring with clumps of bluebells makes a splendid display of beautiful blues.

The well designed vegetable garden is divided into a series of raised beds divided by brick paved paths. The central path is covered with attractive metal arbours planted with climbing hops and roses. A movable chook house has been made to size and is easily rotated between beds.

Only rainwater is used on the garden so ornamental plants have been chosen for their ability to survive with minimal summer water.

The gardener is involved in a network of growers interested in improving varieties of dwarf tomatoes and seedlings will be available for purchase. 0.4 ha (1.0 ac)

Directions: From Adelaide take North East Rd to Inglewood, Nicholls Rd is first left after Inglewood Inn. Parking limited in Nicholls Rd. No coach parking in Nicholls Rd.

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