Limestone Coast Plant and Trade Fair, Penola

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Date & Times
Sat Apr 29 - Sun Apr 30 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

St Mary’s Wines, 563 V & A Lane, Penola

Description:  A delightful country garden, St Mary’s with its hundreds of roses and dry stone walls is a fitting location for the inaugural ‘Limestone Coast Plant and Trade Fair’ in April.

A garden for all seasons, and in Autumn it will be sure to impress and create a stunning setting for the diverse exhibitors. A range of talented artists, trades and specialist growers with everything from bulbs to trees, natives to exotics, garden arts, trades, food stalls, wine tasting, refreshment and children’s activity area. The last weekend in April will be a must see destination for all garden lovers and families.

Established in 1937, the Mulligan family have created a magnificent property with the garden taking centre stage. Hundreds of roses, bulbs, iris, hardy perennials, trees and shrubs surround the classic homestead and buildings. Over the years plants and bulbs suitable for our soils and climate have been incorporated into the garden design, adding colour and texture all year round.

Sandstone rock and plate from the quarry at St Mary’s is used for dry stone walling, pathways, and ornaments, as well as structures such as ramps, plinths, platforms and the three tree rings in the front paddock.

A passion for fresh seasonal produce has led to the creation of a kitchen garden with raised beds for strawberries and asparagus. Arches for apples and tomatoes provide a decorative feature in the garden. Our hot house is used for seedlings and propagating.

Bookings not essential,buses welcome

The nominated charity for this weekend is the Cancer Council SA

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