Etre Garden, Willunga – Autumn

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Date & Times
Sat May 6 - Sun May 7 | 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

10 Delaney Avenue, Willunga

Description:  In Autumn, Etre glows with scarlet and blue: kangaroo paws and salvias, glory vine,Mexican sage, clematis. Huge New Guinea Bean gourds hang from rampant vines. Tea mixes are assembled from the harvest of dried herbs, and a range of strappy leaves gathered in for rope making demonstrations.

This is a garden for all seasons. Meticulously designed and inspired by a Japanese and Balinese aesthetic. Etre resembles a beautifully arranged Japanese food box with exquisite detail at every turn.  There are no ugly hidden spaces in this small block transformed by environmental sculptor and former landscape designer Evette Sunset. Planted with a bold colour palette of reds, blues, purple, white and silver.  Creative ideas like a row of umbrella like tree euphorbias framing a sunken herb garden, and a seasonal creek to drain surface water.

Transformed organic and repurposed building materials are used extensively in the garden structure and ephemeral artworks. For example inspired by the planting on a Greek hillside, she has recycled concrete to make beautiful stepping stones inter-planted with thyme, dymondia, white flowered bacopa,  a local miniature pigface and dianthus.  Fibre cement cladding left over from the house build now form raised vegetable beds trimmed with bamboo.  There is no end to her ingenuity as she creates an outdoor shower surrounded by lush foliage of camellias, gardenias and limes, or makes a scented rosemary hedge on which to dry her socks.

Most surprising of all, the majority of this garden is only just over 2.5 years old, testament to her horticultural skill and extensive plant knowledge.

There are 21 fruit and nut trees including cherry guava, goji berry and macadamia; winter honeysuckle woven to create a highly perfumed wall; even the gravel is carefully chosen – a mix of grey local dolomite and cottage garden gravel.

Evette will give talks at 11am and 2pm on her design and planting concepts for visitors.

The opening provides a unique opportunity to see how detailed planning can produce year round interest on a small block. This is a holistic garden. The garden includes imaginative recycling and creative use of found and inexpensive objects; a bold palette of colours both in the flowers and structural elements of the garden.    630 sq metres  (0.15 ac)

The nominated Charity for this garden is the Worlds End Conservation NGO – preserving rare Lomandra grasslands near Burra Gorge.

Extras:  Each season there’s a garden based activity on show. This Autumn, the Willunga Basket Weavers will teach visitors how to make rope from materials grown at Etre.

Directions:  At the end of Bassett Street Reserve in Willunga. There is no access for coaches.

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