Dhyan Marga’s Garden, Camden Park

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Date & Times
Sat Jan 28 - Sun Jan 29 | 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

18 Patricia Avenue, Camden Park

Description:  This garden is many things – ornamental, productive, unusual, decorated and vibrant! It is a bright happy garden full of interesting objects and plants with unusual fruits and vegetables amongst flowers and shrubs. The owner is a chef/Caterer and as well as the garden providing food for the table it is also used for entertaining.

Many plants are grown in pots and brightly decorated found objects add pops of colour throughout. A board walk passes the chook house and leads to a gravel and stone paved area adjacent to the ochre painted back boundary wall – the poinsettia in front is a perfect match and the touches of aqua painted lattice really add pizzazz!

The small front garden is home to a surprising number of fruit trees – 2 mulberries including a dwarf red Shahtoot, a peanut tree, candle nut, mango, Japanese mandarin, kumquat, finger lime, quince, Illawarra pine plum and a curry leaf tree. Also squeezed in are 2 dragon trees, a bottle tree, agaves, frangipanis and roses.

In the back garden several varieties of apples, citrus including a desert lime and pomelo, plums, cherry, Moringa horse radish tree, jujube Chinese date, vegetables and a huge assortment of herbs are scattered amongst vivid multi-coloured flowering plants.

A lively, fruitful garden full of character and stimulating to the senses.

The nominated Charity for this garden is the Port Adelaide Artist’s Forum (PAAF).

Extras: Food and wine will be available throughout the day for purchase. The Garden Owner will talk about her unusual array of productive plants.

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