Daku, Sandy Creek

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Date & Times
Sat Apr 22 - Sun Apr 23 | 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

24 Davies Road, Sandy Creek

Description:  A large country garden set up on a gentle sloping block shows the thoughtful selection of plants and the landscaping involved in this garden.

A sweeping drive of Claret Ash Trees with Crab Apples, Desert Ash Trees and showy eucalypts gives an extra dimension to this garden.

Walking along the paths a visitor can stroll effortlessly from one section of plantings to another, with interesting sculptures such as a kookaburra guaranteed to make any visitor smile.

The barn has been sympathetically restored along with new additions to garden sheds which helps create character as well as providing essential wind breaks. The extensive vegetable garden next to the large netted fruit orchard is a must see.   1.0 ha  (2.5 ac)

The nominated Charities for this garden is the CFS and the Barossa Area Fund Raising for Cancer (Morning Teas) .

Directions:  Go through Gawler and head to Barossa Valley. Turn right at the Sandy Creek Pub. Turn right onto Davies Road.

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