John’s Organic Garden

Victor Harbor

4 Brand Ave Victor Harbor

Saturday 03 February 2018
Sunday 04 February 2018

10:00 AM
4:30 PM


This is a medium size organic, sustainable, productive garden where the passionate owner has experimented with the growing aspect of a large number of edible plants.

The front garden has been planted with natives that are local to the area or come from similar climatic conditions. Priority has been given to Mediterranean, water-wise plants and those that support wildlife habitat. Emphasis has been given to species that provide year round nectar and pollen to blue wrens and new holland honeyeaters. There are three different species of Callistemon which flower in Autumn, Winter and Spring. The Adelaide and Crimson Rosella with other rosella species are supported with food from Eucalyptus cosmophylla. A noisy area at times!!

Around the back is an area of pots which support research the owner has been doing on new species such as the dwarf buddleia.

As you wander through the garden it will become evident that there is a huge variety of fruit trees, including apples, peaches, pears, plums, figs and feijoa to name a few. An unusual banana, called red dacca, which is cold tolerant, also thrives. Many of these trees are dwarf varieties or have been pruned to enable easier fruit picking and to be space saving. Ease of netting also has been taken into account.

Further on is a berry cage housing pots of cape gooseberry, thornless blackberry, black currant to name a few. The owner is experimenting with single pot plantings using the wicking method. Naturally space has been found for many seasonal vegetables.

David Austin roses grown for their perfume are dotted about, as are salvias.

It is a garden which visitors will leave with many new ideas.

Extra activities: 11am & 2pm brief talk on fruit selection based on climate and wicking pots.

Watch out for: mesh-covered pond.


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