10 Brightview Ave, Blackwood

Saturday 09 September 2017
Sunday 10 September 2017

10:00 AM
4:30 PM


Brightview is a very steep hillside garden combining clever terracing, natives, colorful Mediterranean plants and quirky objects to create a lovely haven for wildlife. When the garden was established 40 years ago, grey box eucalypts dominated. Now, with the addition of other eucalyptus trees, they provide a towering home for local koalas.

The peaceful, shady front garden has several layers – beneath the lofty trees is an understorey of pretty, water efficient shrubs and groundcovers. Many are natives, complemented by introduced plants that are happy to co-exist with the gums. Pots of succulents add interest in leaf texture, size and shape. Railway sleepers and dry stone walls constructed with stone dug from the block combine with clever planting to overcome problems with soil erosion and water runoff.

Mediterranean plants in the back garden were chosen to give colour throughout the year, as do the mosaic water features created by the owner. There is a much loved veggie garden, citrus and deciduous trees – in summer a visiting koala often cools off in the leafy foliage of a golden elm. The vegetation provides a haven for a vast array of native bird species, while nest boxes encourage the tiny native pardalotes.

Quirky objects placed throughout the garden provide extra interest and give a personal and much-loved feel to Brightview.

1/4 acre, 0.1ha

The nominated charity is the Complimentary Care Centre Daw House Hospice Foundation Inc.


Facilities & Activities

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